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Upgrade or replace your digital advertising platform with ease.
Bidooh is the easy way to transform your digital strategy.

Digital Displays

Bidooh's current platform is a turnkey advertising management platform which allows you to add screens to your network instantly, giving you full management functionality of screen in all of your locations.

Bidooh's smart advertising platform enables advertisers to instantly create, publish and pay for an advert in real-time. Software and camera fully integrated into screen. Our standard screen 65' free-standing totem. We also provide indoor/outdoor, wall-mounted and free-standing bespoke screens.

Plug & Play

Where existing screens and infrastructure already exist, an easy to install, low-cost Bidooh Box can be provisioned, utilising HDMI connectivity to the unit.
Designed for resilience, the Bidooh Box will play locally stored adverts and capture anonymised data even if the connection to the network is lost.

An eye for detail

Our built-in cameras capture high levels of detail to maintain consistent analytic quality.

  • Sensor: 1/2.7” CMOS OV2710
  • Field of View: 8-10 metres
  • View angle: 90 - 115 degree
  • Low Light Level, 0.003 Lux
  • AHD 1080p @ 25/30 fps
  • 3.6 mm Fixed Board Lens

Powerful Functionality

  • Wi-Fi + 4G Connectivity
  • OTA Management
  • 8GB Built-in Memory
  • Locally Cached Ads (in case of network failure)

Cloud-based Software

Choose Style

Give your advert a name then select your advert design. You can create text/image-based ads or opt for an image only.

Upload Image

Depending on your chosen screen, you can upload either landscape (1920 x 1080) or portrait (1080 x 1920) images.

Edit & Preview

Upload a logo, add text and additional formatting then preview your work. You can even copy your ad to create alternatives later.

Choose Location

Decide where you want your add to be placed. Select either a single and multiple locations depending on your campaign.


Choose when your ad will run, as well as selecting the target audience criteria, such as age, gender, features etc.

Set a budget

Finally, set your daily campaign budget and pay options. Your advert is then be forwarded to Bidooh for approval.

Go Live!

That’s it. Your advert is running on your chosen screen with your selected preferences.

No Fuss Management

Managing your account is a breeze.
Our easy to use portal dashboard gives you full control and visibility in real-time of your campaign data.
Our portal is accessible from PC’s, tablets and mobiles, so you’ll never be too far from your data.

Management Dashboard

Demographics: Age

Demographics: Appearance

You can select any date range to analyse specific demographics such as appearance, age gender, beard/moustache, emotion, glasses/sunglasses. Future options will include: number of visits, visit duration, brand recognition, colors, hair color.

Demographics: Footfall

Future options will include: number of visits, visit You can track and report on footfall based upon the number of visitors that pass the screens. Bidooh cameras capture footfall impressions up to 7m away from the screen.

Access from Anywhere

The Bidooh platform gives you instant access to your dashboard and management tools via desktop, tablet and mobile devices. No need to rush back to the office to see how your campaign is doing, just check it on the move.

We provide a wide range of integrated solutions and standalone screens to cater for most, if not all, digital advertising environments.
Full details are available on request.

To learn more about our products and software solutions for existing signage infrastructure, contact one of our team for details.

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